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Daniel Squizzero

Ph.D. in History

Dan Squizzero is a doctoral candidate in World History at Northeastern University. His dissertation, “The Great War for Emancipation: Italian Women’s Transnational Activism, 1900-1923,” traces the development of the Italian women’s movement within transnational feminism in the opening quarter of the twentieth century. His project seeks to further the study of transnational social movements and the points of intersection between them and the lived experience of war, focusing on the specific challenges of reconciling feminist principles with larger questions of citizenship, nationalism, and internationalism in the years enveloping the First World War. Dan was the recipient of the Lucille R. Zanghi, LA ’72 and James M. Dow, LA ’72 Endowed History Research Award in 2018 and has conducted archival research for his dissertation at the Archivio Centrale dello Stato (Rome, IT), the Archivio Storico dell’Unione Femminile Nazionale (Milan, IT) and the Sophia Smith Collection of Women’s History at Smith College (Northampton, MA, USA). He has also been a frequent contributor to the Northeastern History Graduate Students’ Podcast, “Breaking History,” as part of the sound editing and production team.

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Cohort: 2014

Research Interests: Transnational Social Movements; First World War; Italy & the 20th Century World

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