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Eileen M. Kirk

Criminology and Justice Policy, PhD

Graduated in 2021

Eileen Kirk is a former doctoral candidate at the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Northeastern University. Eileen’s research focuses on the intersection of public policy, social inequality, and communities and crime; her policy interests include criminal justice policy and housing policy. Eileen’s dissertation studies investigate the relationship between housing policies and neighborhood violent crime by examining three areas of housing policy: the Community Reinvestment Act, the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit, and landlord-tenant laws associated with eviction. In her research assistantships, Eileen supported process evaluation efforts at a Boston-based non-profit agency by interviewing program staff and participants, and she also developed grant proposals to investigate the impact of policy on socially and economically disadvantaged groups. Her teaching experience includes an advanced undergraduate course on communities and crime. Currently serving as a Program Manager at the Center on Crime and Community Resilience, Eileen provides technical assistance and oversight for the Shannon Community Safety Initiative for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, which is a program that supports approximately 100 agencies that address gang and youth violence.

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Kirk, E. M. (2021). Community Consequences of Mass Incarceration: Sparking Neighborhood Social Problems and Violent Crime. Journal of Crime and Justice. 

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Kirk, E. (accepted for presentation November 2020; conference cancelled). Untangling Eviction, Disadvantage, and Race: Neighborhood Factors Influencing Crime. American Society of Criminology, Washington, DC.

Kirk, E. (13 November 2019). Homeownership Denied and Neighborhood Crime: Community Disinvestment or Obstructing the American Dream. American Society of Criminology, San Francisco, CA.

Kirk, E. (28 April 2019). Disinvesting in Community through Mortgage Denial: Implications for Crime, Control, and Disorder. Boston Area Research Initiative Spring Conference, Boston, MA.


  • 2018 – American Society of Criminology Gene Carte Student Award (3rd place). Title: “Punitive Disadvantage: Prison Cycling as a Dimension of Concentrated Disadvantage”
  • 2018 – School of Criminology and Criminal Justice Summer Research Scholars Award, Northeastern University. Research topic: “Understanding the Criminological Impact of Loan Denial”

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