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Fahim Rahman

M.A. in Public History

Fahim grew up in the Richmond, Virginia area. He attended the College of William & Mary and graduated with a BA in History and a BA in Government. While there, he enjoyed studying the Atlantic World, later pursuing research on the intersection between infrastructure and sociocultural dynamics in American history. Beyond academia, he gained experience as an Educational Resources Intern at the American Civil War Museum. He used the museum’s research and resources to develop educational programs to supplement school curriculums. Additionally, he worked as a Wren Proctor at the Sir. Christopher Wren Building. For this position, he was tasked with public relations and the site’s preservation. These experiences inspired him to further his education in history and to pursue a career in museum collections.  

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Cohort: 2020

Research Interests: Architectural history, spatial history, cultural history, the Atlantic World, colonialism.

Fieldwork: I created educational resources for the American Civil War Museum. I worked as a Wren Proctor at the Sir. Christopher Wren Building. I also worked with the Lemon Project Society and the Spotswood society as an undergraduate student at William & Mary.

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