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Fatuma Mohamed

Political Science and International Affairs, BA
International Affairs, MA


Curious about the world from an early age, Fatuma Mohamed pursued her undergraduate studies as a Political Science and International Affairs major at Northeastern. Driven by a desire to understand the intricate workings of the world, she found her academic home at CSSH. The MA Program in International Affairs, with its intersectionality, resonated perfectly with Fatuma’s interests in socio-political, historical, and economic aspects of the world. Here, she found a place where she didn’t have to limit herself to just one aspect of her passions.

Fatuma’s Path

“As someone passionate about a lot of issues ranging from local, national, and global, I was not sure what area of study I wanted to choose. Through the Explore program [at Northeastern], I was able to take a wide array of courses during my first two years. I ultimately realized that I did not have to choose and that I could learn about many different areas because they are all important. You cannot separate history, from economics, from the socio-political nature, and I needed all of these diverse disciplines to understand the world. Through this process, I was able to declare a political science major with minors in History, African studies, and WGSS studies. It allowed me to deepen my understanding of the world through a deeply intersectional and interdisciplinary lens.”

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