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Garrett Morrow

PhD Candidate in Political Science

Garrett Morrow is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Political Science at Northeastern University, specializing in International Relations and Comparative Politics. He has a strong background and interest in resiliency and security studies. Garrett Morrow has served as a Teaching Assistant and Research Assistant for Amy Kittelstrom (Sonoma State University) and Michael Stevens (Sonoma State University). Garrett is a Research Fellow at MetroLab Network and a PhD Candidate at Northeastern University in Boston. At the MetroLab Network, Garrett assists with the virtual summit, contributed to the development of the MetroLab’s Civic Research Agenda partnership, and engaged with civic experts throughout the United States. His research looks at the intersection of technology with the governance issues of misinformation moderation, public policy implementation, and resilience strategies. Garrett’s practitioner-focused dissertation analyzes how cities are developing and implementing algorithmic governance systems into various government policies, and how automated decision making is changing traditional urban governance regimes. Prior to attending Northeastern, Garrett achieved his B.A. and M.A. in history from Sonoma State University in California and did historical research for a San Francisco Bay Area law firm.

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Research Interests

Garrett is interested in nuclear policy, security studies, and resiliency. He is particularly focused on long-term, post-war/disaster reconstruction policies and nuclear non-proliferation.

Prior Work

While working on a history master’s thesis, Garrett extensively researched postwar Japanese politics and American involvement in Japan’s reconstruction. The years of reconstruction policy convinced him to transition disciplines from history to political science. After graduating with a master’s degree in history, Garrett worked as an Investigative Researcher at a San Francisco bay area law firm for two years before joining Northeastern University.


Garrett was born and raised in the wine country of California. He studied history at Sonoma State University and graduated with a BA in 2009. He returned to Sonoma State University and graduated with a MA in 2014. The topic of Garrett’s master’s thesis was postwar Japanese reconstruction through the lens of architecture.


“Metabolism: The Regeneration of Postwar Japan,” MA thesis, Sonoma State University (2014)

“Reconstructing Tradition,” Sonoma State University History Journal (2012)

“Free at Last,” Sonoma State University History Journal (2011)

Degrees earned and institutions:

BA, Sonoma State University

MA, Sonoma State University

Research Interests: Nuclear policy, Security studies, and Resiliency

Contact info:
960A Renaissance Park

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