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Gregory Palermo

English PhD Candidate

Gregory Palermo (he/they) is a PhD candidate in the English department in CSSH, concentrating in Writing & Rhetoric and pursuing a Graduate Certificate in Digital Humanities. His academic interests are in citation, humanities data analysis methods, and algorithmic and disciplinary rhetorics. His dissertation argues that citation analysis can be a tactical means of bringing together work from disparate academic traditions, and also of resisting the potential of scholarly analytics to reproduce inequity. His teaching focuses on the rhetorical choices we make with data, and on how algorithmic processes increasingly used for pattern-seeking analysis and surveillance can also be useful for remix, intervention, and resistance. Greg received his BA in English and physics from the State University of New York, College at Geneseo.

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Previous Institutions: SUNY Geneseo (BA)

Program and Fields: PhD; Disciplinary rhetoric, digital humanities, citation analysis, social justice

Dissertation title: “Re-Landscaping Digital Scholarship: A Computational Analysis of Citations in Digital Humanities and Writing Studies.”

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