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Hüseyin Kurt

PhD in World History

Hüseyin Kurt is a World History doctoral candidate at Northeastern University. Hüseyin is interested in state-religion relations in imperial settings and nation-states. Currently, he is working on his dissertation project: “Strategies of Survival: Popular Piety and Subaltern Publicity of Islamic Revival in Early Republican Turkey, 1925-1960.” In recent years, Hüseyin has done archival work in Ankara and Istanbul, and with Northeastern University’s IRB approval, he also carried out oral history interviews in different parts of Anatolia.   Hüseyin holds a BA in International Relations from Istanbul University, a Master’s in Islamic Studies from Hartford Seminary, CT, and a Master’s in History from SUNY Binghamton. Hüseyin’s primary field is Modern Middle Eastern History, and his minor fields are Modern Europe and World History.

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Cohort: 2017

Research Interests: Social and religious movements, intellectual and cultural history, knowledge and reform in the Muslim world, and Islamic political thought  

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