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Keller Sheppard

Criminology and Justice Policy, PhD

Keller Sheppard is a doctoral student in the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice, originally from Atlanta, GA. After receiving his bachelors in Sociology and Criminal Justice from The University of Georgia, he worked as a grant manager for The Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety. In this role, he oversaw the state’s Highway Enforcement of Aggressive Traffic (H.E.A.T.) program and two law enforcement training grants focused on speeding and advanced DUI/DWI enforcement. Since enrollment at Northeastern, he has been working with Anthony Braga, Jack McDevitt, and Greg Zimmerman on several projects including a RCT experiment looking at the Boston Police Department’s Body-Worn Camera implementation and a police legitimacy implementation with the Cambridge police department. His research interests include police discretion and the influences of ecological context on policing styles.

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