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Kelsey Barley

Criminal Justice and Accounting, BS


Kelsey became interested in criminal justice at a very young age through crime shows, mystery novels, and other sources of media. Kelsey knew what she wanted to pursue as a career. The only question was: what would she choose to do within the field? The answer came to her through one of the crime-fighting shows that she loved to watch, White Collar. Most crime dramas on TV depict guns blazing, bloody crimes, and dramatic interrogations. Instead, White Collar involved lapping schemes explained with coffee cups, paper trial investigations, and forensic accounting. After that, her heart was set on becoming a forensic accountant for the FBI.

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Kelsey’s Path

“The School of Criminology and Criminal Justice is also amazing. It’s a small school, but it has some of the best instructors in the field and a broad range of classes. I believe that the school is also working towards making a combined major of criminal justice and business, so students like me who are interested in white collar crime investigations will have a set course of study.”

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