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Mohsin Khan

PhD in Public Policy

Mohsin is a PhD student of Public Policy at the School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs with a concentration in Sustainability and Resilience. He is broadly interested in the political economy, and particularly how ethno-political conflict affects social capital and various policy outcomes in the global South.

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As a mid-career professional, he brings diverse experiences in planning, capacity building, and particularly in conducting impact evaluations, policy analysis, and ethnographic studies. Since 2020, he has been teaching at the National University of Modern Languages, in Pakistan, where he taught policy analysis, Multi-level/(e)-governance, Water, and environmental politics to MPP students. He also serves as a Program Director M&S Research Hub—a leading research firm based in Germany, providing advanced data analytics and research trainings to a variety of stakeholders, and an inaugural Member of the Advisory Group at CIVICUS-World Alliance for Citizen Participation. As MAG, he provides technical and strategic support to oversee and evaluate Civic Solidarity Funding, and strengthen civil society’s capacity, diversity and resilience in the global South. He is also passionate about Tech4Development and founded an award-winning Health-tech startup TransHelp—aiming at democratizing affordable and quality health and legal aid for underserved communities by combining creative art, and digital technologies (AI/GIS). The initiative has been noted by several national and international organizations, for combating HIV endemic, and building community resilience against Transphobia and gender-based discrimination, and was recently among the top 10 finalists by Gilead Sciences worldwide and among finalists for Asia-Pacific Social Innovation Award 2020 by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan—PRC. 

In the past, he served KOICA at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea, Government of Pakistan, Youth Advocacy Council, and READ Foundation, and led multimillion aid programs, centered on socio-economic development, civil services (human capital), and institutional reforms in South and Southeast Asia and Africa. He has been awarded various national and international awards for his work including the Global Ambassador Fellowship by KDI School of Public Policy and Management, South Korea, Young Leaders Fellowship by Asia-Europe Foundation, Public Diplomacy M/O Foreign Affairs, South Korea, DICE Fellowship by British Council, Associate Fellow for Royal Commonwealth Society, University of Cambridge among others. As a budding prose writer and poet, Mohsin is a winner of the National Award for Short Story Competition at the age of 19. He holds a Master in Development Policy with a concentration in International Development and Public Administration & Leadership on merit scholarship from KDI School of Public Policy & Management, South Korea, an MPhil in Rural Development, and a BSc. (Hons) in Agriculture with distinction. 

Mohsin often writes on gender, economic (in)equality, human rights, and institutional reforms, and also interested in the study of elite capture, force-displacement, electoral and hydro-politics, and the application of behavioral/development economics (field experiments) and computational social science methodology to solve public policy challenges. He can be reached on or Twitter @MkWaxir where he tweets about research, social issues, grants, and more. You can read his latest blogs/research papers here.

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