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Nathaniel L. Lawshe

Criminology and Justice Policy, PhD

Nathaniel Lawshe is a policing researcher interested in police organizations, racial justice in policing, and criminal justice system reform.

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  • Nathaniel Lawshe (2021) Investigating the influence of institutional perviousness on the adoption of body-worn cameras by United States police agenciesCriminal Justice Studies.
  • Zimmerman, Fridel, Sheppard, & Lawshe (2020). Contextualizing Fatal Police-Resident Encounters with a Focus on Hispanic or Latin American Places: Does Macro-Level Racial and Ethnic Composition Distinguish Resident Fatalities by the Police and Police Fatalities by Residents?, Journal of Criminal Justice.
  • Lawshe, Sheppard, & McDevitt (2020). Hate Crimes. Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology, 2nd Edition.
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  • Lawshe, Burruss, Giblin, & Schafer (2018). Behind the Lens: Police Attitudes Toward Body-Worn Cameras and Organizational Justice. Journal of Crime and Justice.


  • Lawshe, N., Zimmerman, G., & Stowell, J. (Accepted for Presentation). The Role of Contextual and Agency Internal Factors in Body-Worn Camera Adoption. American Society of Criminology 76th Annual Conference. November, 2020 (Meeting Cancelled).
  • Lawshe, N., Zimmerman, G. (Presentation). The Role of Institutional Perviousness in Police Agency Adoption of Body-Worn Cameras. In Panel: Body-Worn Cameras: Factors Shaping Organizational Implementation and Change. American Society of Criminology 75th Annual Conference. 13 November, 2019.
  • Lawshe, N., Burruss, G.W. (Presentation). Police Attitudes Toward Body-Worn Cameras and Organizational Justice: A Structural Equation Model Analysis. In Panel: Police Organizational Issues: Recruitment, Equipment, and Safety. American Society of Criminology 74th Annual Conference. 15 November, 2018.
  • Mitchell, O., Lawshe, N., Morales, M. (Presentation). Racial Profiling: A Meta-Analytic Synthesis of the Research. In Panel: Policing and Minority Communities. American Society of Criminology 74th Annual Conference. 15 November, 2018.

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