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Tula Singer

Spanish and Linguistics
Writing minor
CSSH Ambassador

Graduating in May 2025

Favorite Courses:

  • Introduction to Languages, Literature, and Culture with Professor Alan West-Durán
  • World Culture Through Film: with Professor Alan West-Durán
  • Linguistic Analysis with Professor Robert Painter

Student Clubs and Organizations:

Community Engagement:

Tula has volunteered with JumpStart for Young Children to aid preschool children in drawing, communication, and learning, as well as prepared engaging and educational activities (putting clothing on a paper doll based on different seasons, matching faces with emotions, and “painting” music).

Experiential Education:

  • Co-op: Boston Globe Advertising Studios
  • Research with Professor Robert Painter on Pirahã, a small yet controversial language of the Amazons
  • Research with Professor Alan West-Durán on Cuban Literature for directed study.

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