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Yuhan Dong

MA in World History

Yuhan Dong graduated from the University of Connecticut with a BA in history. Coming from China as a international student, Yuhan develops his interest in history through encounters with the vast varieties of cultural history in different parst of China, and seeks to get more knowledge of the relation between Hong Kong identity and exposure to western culture. Yuhan comes to the U.S to get a different perspective. Yuhan wrote a paper on the Hong Kong citizen’s Chinese nationalism and relation to non-government organization during the period of Japan invasion, and is looking forward to diving deeper into the importance of education in the forming of Hong Kong identity and relation to colonial government, non-government organization, and Mainland China government.

Cohort: 2023

Research Interests: Hong Kong education history, environmental history, Communist history, Chinese economic history after 1949

Most Recent Degree: BA in History from the University of Connecticut

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