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CSSH Department Peer Mentors

What Are the Goals of the CSSH Peer Mentoring Program?

Located within academic units, CSSH Peer Mentors are upperclass students who work with incoming students within their majors. Each program/department’s peer mentoring program looks a bit different, but the goals for each of them are the same:

  1. Helping first-year students and transfer students feel connected to their programs/departments
  2. Providing peer support during a student’s first and second semester on campus
  3. Easing new students’ transition to college/Northeastern life through peer guidance
  4. Introducing and helping new students navigate opportunities on campus and in Boston
  5. Building a CSSH community that spans across class levels (from first years to seniors)
  6. Providing examples of curricular, extracurricular, and experiential learning pathways by sharing stories of lived experiences

Who Are the Peer Mentors?

Select a major from the sub-menu to meet the Fall 2019 peer mentors. These students applied to the program in April on their own accord or at the recommendation of their academic advisor, co-op coordinator, or program/department faculty. A faculty member in each program/department ultimately confirmed their acceptance into the peer mentoring program.

What Are the Expectations of the Peer Mentors?

Winter 2019

  1. Optional opportunity to meet and interact with incoming students during their summer Orientation sessions (more information and sign-ups will be emailed in mid-May)

Spring 2020 

  1. Attend mandatory college-wide peer mentor training held the evening of Tuesday, January 7th from 6:00-7:30pm
  2. Attend the Dean’s Welcome Lunch for new students if your schedule permits on Tuesday, January 14th from noon-1:00pm
  3. Attend INSH1000 Social Sciences & Humanities at Northeastern when invited by the instructor if your schedule permits (Tuesdays, 11:45am-1:25pm)
  4. Invite and accompany your mentees to the CSSH Undergraduate Research Forum if your schedule permits (day/time TBD in March)
  5. Invite and accompany your mentees to academic department/major student club/organization before late February
  6. Invite and accompany your mentees to at least one CSSH event and one university-wide event throughout the spring term
  7. Pass along information about department-related or other interesting events to your mentees, trying to accompany them when possible (examples: lectures, fairs, etc)
  8. Check-in with mentees individually or as a group every two weeks via in-person meeting, text, or email
  9. Optional opportunities to meet and interact with undeclared majors or students switching from another major
  10. Optional opportunities to attend department events and provide the student perspective

Fall 2020

The application for Spring 2020 Department Peer Mentors has closed. Please check back in March for the Fall 2020 Department Peer Mentor application.

Who Do I Contact If I Have Questions?

If you have any questions about the CSSH Peer Mentoring program or application please email Michaela Modica at m.kinlock@northeastern.edu.