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Jenia Browne Selected as Point Foundation LGBTQ Flagship Scholar

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Join us as we celebrate Africana Studies Program Assistant, Jenia Browne, for being selected as a 2023 Point Foundation LGBTQ Flagship Scholar!

We extend our sincerest congratulations to Jenia Browne (they/she), an exceptional Black feminist student and activist, on their remarkable achievement of being selected as a Point Foundation Walter Decker Flagship Scholar for the 2023-2024 class. Jenia’s passion for social change and community involvement, coupled with their impressive academic pursuits, make them an outstanding recipient of this prestigious scholarship.

As an honors undergraduate student at Northeastern University, Jenia is majoring in International Affairs, with minors in Environmental Studies and Black Feminist Studies. Their research interests span a wide range of critical areas, including Black feminist studies, Black queer studies, small island states, sustainable urban spaces, and equitable transit systems.

Jenia stands as a beacon of dedication to social justice and community leadership, with a strong focus on transformative research. Their remarkable involvement in various organizations, including their role as the 2022-2023 Northeastern Black Student Association President and executive board member of Afrospectrum, showcases their commitment to making a meaningful impact. However, it is Jenia’s relentless pursuit of academic excellence and groundbreaking research that truly sets them apart. Through an independent study on the resistive nature of Black lesbian anthologies and active engagement in the Northeastern History Department’s 3D Black Boston Project, Jenia has demonstrated their unwavering passion for critically examining marginalized narratives. Their research prowess has been acknowledged through funding from the prestigious Project-Based Exploration for the Advancement of Knowledge (PEAK) Experiences Award.

With their sights set on making a lasting impact, Jenia aspires to pursue a Ph.D. in Africana Studies, focusing on Black feminisms and Black queer studies. Their goal is to utilize their education to advance social justice and equity through education and community organization.

Congratulations once again, Jenia, on this outstanding achievement. We eagerly anticipate the incredible contributions you will make to academia and society as you continue to pursue your goals.

Click here to view Jenia’s official Point Scholar profile.

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