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Center on Crime, Race, and Justice Launch Week

Celebrate the launch of CRJ with a series of lectures and a launch party in our newly rebranded space!

Our Mission

Based at Northeastern University’s School of Criminology and Criminal Justice, the mission of the Center on Crime, Race, and Justice (CRJ) is to make the criminal justice system more equitable and just for all.

Our Work

The labs of CRJ position race and diversity at the forefront of research to understand how diverse communities are differentially impacted by crime, violence, and responses to crime. Our work aims to provide evidence-based reforms to address these disparities in the system.

Launch Week Events

School Safety, Education, and Racial Equity with Anthony Peguero
Jan 18 | 12 PM
Churchill 200

Improving Serious Injury Tracking and Reporting in New York City Jails with Bart Baily

Jan 19 | 5 PM
RP 909

CRJ Welcome Reception

Join faculty, staff, and community members for food and drink to celebrate the new center!

Jan 19 | 6:30 PM
Churchill 401

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