SCCJ Celebrates 50 Years!

Thank you to all who were able to attend and make our 50th anniversary celebration a success! Without our robust alumni community, we would not be able to provide our current students with such a rich and rewarding collegiate experience. Please visit the gallery below to see how we marked our first 50 years in the criminal justice field.

Professor Jack McDevitt Collects Data to Address Racial Profiling by Police

Professor Jack McDevitt, Director of the Institute in Race and Justice at Northeastern University, is leading a study to address whether police officers in Douglas County, Kansas engage in racial profiling. McDevitt is working alongside Northeastern University Professor Amy Farrell and American University Professor Janice Iwama (Northeastern University ’16) to change the way police departments…
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Doctoral Student Eileen Kirk Named National Prize Winner of 2018 American Society of Criminology Gene Carte Student Paper Award

The American Society of Criminology elected the 2018 winners of the annual Gene Carte Student Paper Award. The award, established in 1971, is given to recognize outstanding scholarly work of students. This year, doctoral student Eileen Kirk was named one of three recipients of the award. Kirk’s winning paper entitled “Punitive Disadvantage: Prison Cycling as…
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Professor Natasha Frost Studies Job with Highest Suicide Rate

Professor Natasha Frost is working to address the disproportionately high suicide rate in a particular profession within the Massachusetts community. Since Frost joined the faculty at Northeastern in 2005, she has invested her time in research pertaining to punishment and social control. Frost explains that correctional officers in the state of Massachusetts take their own…
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Doctoral Student Ieke de Vries and Masters Student Kelly Goggin Publish in Trauma, Violence, & Abuse

Doctoral candidate Ieke de Vries and Masters student Kelly Goggin have published “The Impact of Childhood Abuse on the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Youth: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis” in the Sage Journal Trauma, Violence, & Abuse. The article can be viewed on the Sage website…
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Rod Brunson: Trust is Hard to Come by: Race, Place, and Policing

Dr Rod Brunson, Dead of the School of Criminal Justice at Rutgers University, hold a talk on “Trust Is Hard To Come By: Race, Place, and Policing” which focuses on his cutting-edge research on how communities of color experience proactive policing efforts…
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Jean Egan

As Senior Co-op Coordinator and Faculty member, Jean Egan has delivered outstanding service to the SCCJ students, faculty, staff, and alumni of our program for more than 40 years. She is adored by our undergraduate students who consistently state that Jean is a highly-influential early career mentor. 

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Jack Greene

After 18 years of distinguished service at Northeastern, Professor Jack R. Greene retired on July 1, 2017. The School will be celebrating his career on October 27, 2017.

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