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The Sources and Consequences of Prison Violence

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Project Summary 

The prison violence project is an unprecedented multi-strategy investigation into the sources and consequences of prison violence in seven states. The prison violence research team, led by Nancy Rodriguez (UC-Irvine), is examining violence among incarcerated individuals and against staff, using multiple methods and data sources across five primary strategies. Professor Frost and the Northeastern based research team lead on strategy two which aims to identify that full situational details of and correctional responses to violent incidents. 

Project Description: 

Strategy two of the prison violence project, led by Professor Natasha Frost involves the comprehensive review of institutional incident reports to identify the full situational details of violent incidents. Importantly, incident reports contain detailed information on incidents of prison violence that cannot be found in administrative data. The incident report provides additional depth to our understanding of the individual and contextual factors that contribute to prison violence and victimization, enhances our understanding of the consequences associated with violence and victimization for incarcerated persons and staff, and can highlight the full situational details of and correctional responses to violent incidents.  

The strategy two methodology involves the extensive coding and analyzing of a sample of incidents of prison violence that resulted in injury to an incarcerated person or a staff member across each of the seven participating states.   

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