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Combined Majors

For students wishing to broaden and enrich their studies, the Department of English also offers combined majors:

View the Undergraduate Catalog for the requirements of each combined major.

Undergraduate Catalog

Students can also create a new combined major with almost any other program. Contact Professor Kathleen Coyne Kelly, Undergraduate Program Director, for details.

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Sarah Sherman, English & Biology

Sarah wanted to pursue both English and Biology because she felt passionate not only about the life sciences, but also about how scientific knowledge can benefit communities. In her English classes, she learned how to study and assess the social impact of complex texts – including scientific data.

To allow her to deeply study both fields, Sarah drafted a proposal for a combined major in English and Biology. Given her interests in public healthcare advocacy, Sarah felt that an education in English would help her learn how to translate scientific research for a broader public. The proposal Sarah composed eventually led to English and Biology becoming an official combined major that any student can now pursue.