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Headshot of Laurie Nardone

Teaching Professor in English; Director of the Writing Program

Laurie Nardone joined Northeastern’s Department of English in 2008 to teach in the Writing Program. From an undergraduate study on the representation of the Salem Witch Trials in literature, Laurie focused her graduate work on film theory and gender studies in postmodern British and American texts. Her first-year classes employ a range of texts from music video and film to scholarly essays, offering writing students a wide-reaching opportunity to engage in college-level intellectual conversations. In her Advanced Writing classes, Laurie encourages students to explore what it means to write in a field of specialty. Laurie has also taught at Boston University and Emory University. In addition to teaching, she has published medical writing in Parade Magazine and WebMD, as well as providing marketing and writing consultation for organic and natural food companies like Annie’s and Immaculate Baking. She lives on the North Shore with her two sons and in her spare time, she binge watches TV series recommended by her students.

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    PhD in English Language and Literature/Letters, Emory University

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    469 Holmes Hall
    360 Huntington Avenue
    Boston, MA 02115