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Part-Time Lecturer in English

Trudy Stone has been teaching First-Year Writing courses at Northeastern University since September, 1997. She has done extensive tutoring at University of Massachusetts as part of her graduate work. She taught ESL (Intermediate/Level 3) at Roxbury Community College from 1994 – 1995.

Along with teaching, Trudy is committed to various styles of movement (Martial arts, including Capoeira, Kung Fu, and T’ai Chi) and dance (including Flamenco, Tap, Afro Cuban, Afro Brazilian, Ballet), and practices Yoga at home. She performs in an eclectic duo, Stonesistersjazz, as a vocalist/entertainer and released the album, Riding Solo (2012; all rights copyrighted). Multiple genres of music include (not limited to) Buena Vista Social Club (Spanish); Elis Regina (Brasilian Portuguese) R & B; hip-hop; country; jazz; original compositions.

Philosophy/a few quotes [for ‘sustainable’ living]: “Start where you are.” – Pema Chodron “Do not fear mistakes. There are none.” – Miles Davis

Poetry published in Pinyon Poetry Magazine; Haiku published in “Potpourri” Literary Magazine

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    MA Reading and Writing Theories, University of Massachusetts Boston

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    473 Lake Hall
    360 Huntington Avenue
    Boston, MA 02115


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