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Culture Studies

CLTR 1700 – Introduction to Japanese Pop Culture

Professor: Jennifer Cullen CRN: 30050 Days, Time: TF, 1:35 PM – 3:15 PM Pre-requisites: N/A Description:
Provides an introduction to Japanese popular culture through critical analysis of mass media such as film, television, comics, and animation. Investigates various social and cultural issues, such as gender, family, and education. Films and videos supplement readings. Conducted in English.

CLTR 1260 – Japanese Film

Professor: Jennifer Cullen CRN: 33673 Days, Time: TF, 3:25 PM – 5:05 PM Pre-requisites: N/A Description:
Provides an introduction to Japanese film through works by such great masters as Kurosawa, Mizoguchi, and Ozu, as well as works by new directors from the 1980s and 1990s such as Tami, Morita, and Suo. Studies both form and content; relates major works to Japanese culture. Conducted in English.

CLTR 1500 – Modern Chinese History and Culture

Professor: Philip Thai CRN: 37003 Days, Time: MWR, 10:30 AM – 11:35 AM Pre-requisites: N/A Description:
Introduces modern Chinese history and culture through literary works, films, and historical texts. Examines political, social, and cultural changes in China since 1800: the decline of empire; the New Culture Movement of the 1920s; the rise of nationalism and rural revolution; the changing roles of women; the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s; and China’s cinematic, literary, and economic engagement with the world since 1978. Taught in English and open to all undergraduates. CLTR 1500 and HIST 1500 are cross-listed.

Asian Studies

ASNS 1150 – East Asian Studies

Professor: Thomas Haven (Sec 01), Philip Thai (Sec 02) CRN: 30401 (Section 01), 37007 (Section 02) Days, Time: MWR, 1:35 PM – 2:40 PM (Section 01), Online (Section 02) Pre-requisites: N/A Description:
Seeks to provide an understanding of the constituent characteristics that originally linked East Asia as a region and the nature of the transformations that have occurred in the region over the last two thousand years. Concentrates on China and Japan, and addresses Korea and Vietnam where possible. Also seeks to provide students with effective interdisciplinary analytical skills as well as historical, ethical, cultural diversity, and aesthetic perspectives. ASNS 1150 and HIST 1150 are cross-listed.