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Find here the answers to some frequently asked questions about research.

How do I get involved in research with faculty? 

There are countless ways a student can get involved in research with faculty. It is highly encouraged to talk to your professors, academic administrators, advisors, and the Office of Undergraduate Research and Fellowships on what research opportunities might be available to you. Please find a few of the many options below: 

If you qualify for work-study through your financial aid package, you may use the work-study money to work as a research assistant for a professor. Work study-eligible students can apply directly to the English Department. If arrangements have been made to work with a particular faculty member, the department can allocate work-study resources accordingly.

You can fulfill your CO-OP experience by conducting research for a faculty member at Northeastern or elsewhere either domestically or abroad. Seek out a professor who is working on a topic that you are qualified to and interested in assisting with. Draft up a plan for how you can contribute to their research and what the outcome will be. Then present the plan to your Co-op Advisor for their approval.

How can I start my own research project on a topic in which I am interested?

Consider applying for funding through the Office of Undergraduate Research and Fellowships, which offer PEAK Awards that fund undergraduate research.

In addition, CSSH offers the Undergraduate Research Initiative to carry out research and other creative activities in collaboration with or under supervision of faculty members with relevant research expertise.

Can I do research and get credit?

Yes! It depends on the situation., but you can receive 2-4 credits with a research practicum, for which you would enroll during registration. Please consult your advisor.