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The past plays a critical role in the way we in the present understand the world, and in turn shapes our behavior, influences the way we make policy, and structures our interactions with other peoples and institutions. Because of this, history is an ideal minor for any major at Northeastern, whether you study International Affairs, Gender Studies, Sociology, Music, Computer Science, or Environmental Science, to name only a few possibilities. The History minor will add depth and context to your major field of study, and will build your skills in conducting research and constructing written arguments.

The History minor is designed to be flexible so that you may focus on a course of study that best suits your needs. There are no prerequisites: simply complete five History courses (20 semester hours), of which at least two must be above the 2000-level, and at least two must be taken at Northeastern. You are encouraged to choose a cluster of courses around a particular theme, though this is not required. Popular themes include Global Conflict and War, Ancient and Early Modern Worlds, Global Cultural History, Public History, Commodities and Capitalism, and Global Security. You may also focus on particular areas such as the Americas, Europe, East Asia, and Africa. For information on courses that will be offered in the next academic semester, please see the link here

Many History courses fulfill NuPath requirements in Societies and Institutions, Understanding Difference and Diversity, and Interpreting Culture. Please see individual course descriptions, or make an appointment to talk with an Undergraduate Program Director Simon Rabinovitch at