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Co-op Reflection: Lily Mittnight

commonwealth museum
Lily Mittnight

“At the museum we teach children about American history, specifically about the history of rights in America. We stress that everyone deserves the same rights and share with students how they can push for a more equal future. Even though we may not be working to change big policies or organizing a protest, education is important work that helps even the playing field and create a more equitable society.”

Lily Mittnight, Human Services and Communications Major

Co-op Term: Fall 2020
Position: Museum Education Assistant
Employer: The Commonwealth Museum in Boston, MA

Lily Mittnight knew the Commonwealth Museum would be one of her top choices as it provided her with the opportunity to combine her public speaking skills with her passion for working with children. When the COVID-19 pandemic began, it was difficult to know if the experience would be the same or if the co-op would continue to run at all. But, as she adapted to a remote setting, Mittnight was able to thrive given the independence to lead her own projects.

Mittnight was able to take charge of the museum’s social media presence, improving her graphic design and video editing skills. Towards the end of the co-op, she also had the opportunity to teach virtual classrooms about the Boston Massacre. One of her proudest moments was working with the Archives Director to narrate an official virtual tour for the Commonwealth Museum!

Learn more about Lily’s co-op in her own words in her reflection project.

Lily Mittnight teaches students how to make tri-corner hats in a tutorial for the Commonwealth Museum’s virtual programming.

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