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Co-op Reflection: Madison Lilly

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madison lilly

“I have learned more about how economic standing and family can affect a student’s attitude at school. It can be very hard for a student to come to school when they have struggles at home. Because I worked at a school, I saw that first-hand. I have definitely changed my attitude and behaviors around working with all students. I have learned that it is very important to take all factors into mind when understanding a student’s mindset and behaviors.”

Madison Lilly, Human Services Major

Co-op Term: Fall 2020
Position: Teacher’s Assistant
Employer: Lincoln School in Brookline, MA

Only previously having afterschool program experience, Madison Lilly wanted to work with students and teachers in a school environment. She was given the opportunity to be a substitute for two classes, teaching students from the lesson plans provided to her. Lilly also helped teachers set up classrooms, supervised recess classes and worked closely with the Vice Principal to complete daily administrative tasks.

Working during the COVID-19 pandemic, Lilly witnessed the need for personal connections between students and teachers in an academic setting. She saw the affect of the quarantine on her students’ mental and their education. From this, she has shifted her attitude on teaching, realizing understanding her student’s behaviors also means understanding their lives beyond school. The Lincoln School has helped Lilly learn that she wants to become an elementary school teacher upon graduation.

Read about Madison’s experience in her reflection presentation.

The Lincoln School in Brookline teaches students from Kindergarten to 8th grade.

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