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Co-op Spotlight: Ana De-Niz 

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Ana work as an outreach specialist gave her on ground experience.

Ana De-Niz Profile
“Not only did this experience give me more knowledge about the systems in place for unhoused individuals, it also allowed me to gain more experience in crisis work. I was able to see and feel the wear and tear of working in a department that is centered around crisis prevention.” 
Ana De-Niz Human Services / International Affairs

Co-op Term: Fall 2022
Position:  Outreach Specialist 
Employer:  Pine Street Inn, Boston, MA

The majority of Ana’s first two months on co-op was spent visiting various neighborhoods of Boston and distributing necessary supplies to individuals who found themselves living on the streets. She was a Daytime Outreach Specialist with the Pine Street Inn team. This was the first time such a role had been offered as a co-op opportunity.  After completing the route, the team would reconvene in their office in Chinatown to recount their interactions during the round. These included checking up on individuals in Pine Street Inn’s various program caseloads and listing risks or behaviors that were observed. Along with the daily outreaches, Ana began to work on creating her own caseload. She would collect vital information that was needed to help prepare housing and public service applications for her clients. 

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