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Co-op Spotlight: Gia Rodrigues

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Gia was able to learn how to direct and manager her own classroom.

“You spend 95% of the time with the students, which is something I really loved about this co-op. It is very hands on and you will never have a boring day.”
Gia Rodrigues Human Services / Psychology 

Co-op Term: Fall 2022
Position:  Teaching Assistant
Employer:  Lincoln School, Brookline, MA

The role of a Teaching Assistant at Lincoln K-8 School provides assistance and support when teachers call out, floating to various areas and providing support across each grade level. This position was Gia’s second co-op experience. It was a very hands-on atmosphere that required direct time spent with the student’s, whether through substituting classes or providing 1-on-1 support. The hands-on nature of the position created an atmosphere that promoted learning by doing. 

Going into this co-op Gia wanted to learn how to direct, manage and lead her own classroom of students. She wanted to improve her abilities to guide students through various activities and to be able to connect with them. She was able to achieve her goals through the different experiences and scenarios she went through during her time at the school. One significant takeaway Gina had was how she was surprised when she was able to learn everyone’s names throughout the whole school. 

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