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Co-op Spotlight: Hannah Anthony

Manning Gross + Massenberg LLP (MG+M)
Manning Gross + Massenberg LLP (MG+M)

Hannah's role as an Office Services Assistant at Manning Gross + Massenberg LLP (MG+M) exposed her to the inner workings of the legal profession.

“I learned that I can be very resilient when it comes to setbacks in projects and other areas. Sometimes in a professional environment things are out of your control, and you have to learn to be okay with that.”

– Hannah Anthony, International Affairs and Human Services

Co-op Term: Spring 2022
Position: Office Services Assistant
Employer: Manning Gross + Massenberg LLP (MG+M)

MG+M is a specialized law firm that focuses on various areas, including asbestos litigation, business litigation, and trucking and transportation litigation. Through her position, Hannah gained valuable insights into these fields and the legal industry as a whole. Her responsibilities included managing supplies, handling mail, and assisting attorneys with various projects, which offered her exposure to different facets of legal practice and fostered a sense of community with fellow Northeastern students also working at the firm.

One significant project during her tenure was Document Production, where Hannah meticulously organized and indexed extensive PDFs for the firm’s attorneys. This task required her to cultivate qualities such as perseverance, brevity, and critical analysis, ultimately producing high-quality work that was critical to the firm’s operations.

Hannah’s co-op at MG+M was instrumental in her understanding of the day-to-day life and responsibilities of attorneys, which will inform her future coursework at Northeastern University. Her prior academic experiences had equipped her with the confidence and technological skills necessary for success in the role. The co-op emphasized research, enabling her to develop IT and Excel skills through independent learning and enhancing her ability to advocate for clarity in project requirements.

Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Hannah learned to adapt and interact effectively with her colleagues in an office environment with fewer people. She discovered her resilience in overcoming setbacks that occasionally arise in a professional setting, recognizing that not everything can be controlled. In summary, her co-op at MG+M provided valuable insights into the legal field, helping her develop skills, adaptability, and resilience while fostering a positive and appreciative work environment under the guidance of an exceptional boss.

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