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Co-op Spotlight: Lily Murphy 

Lily reading a picture book to kids on her co-op

At Roxbury Main Streets Lily was able to learn more about public policy and non-profit operations.

Lily Murphy profile picture
“I think my experience was indicative of the way that work and life, in general, has changed fundamentally in the wake of the pandemic, with most people we worked with opting to meet virtually when possible.”
– Lily Murphy, Human Services and Political Science

Co-op Term: Spring 2022
Position:  Development Associate 
Employer: Roxbury Main Streets, Boston, MA

As a Development Associate with Roxbury Main Streets Lily worked on seeking out funding, attended and planned community events, created marketing content, and wrote event recaps for the newsletter. She spent a lot of time researching and applying for different grant opportunities, both public and private. A portion of the grants were intended to improve vegetation in areas like Nubian Square. Funds would be used for placing plants around the square to combat the consequences of “ urban heat islands”. Roxbury Main Streets makes a tremendous impact for the community, residents, and small business owners alike. With the help of resources, grants, and loans, much-needed assistance is provided to the local small business, especially in the wake of Covid19. 

Lily completed her co-op mostly in a remote setting while navigating the changing guidelines of the pandemic. The events that she helped plan and attended were vital as the uncertainty of Covid-19 was omnipresent. She wrote requests for things like Jazz festivals and Easter celebrations, which also needed to be accompanied by grant proposals and funding requests.

Throughout her co-op Lily learned a lot about non-profit operations, including the various IRS tax forms. She improved her understanding of the history and current problems in Roxbury. Observing the Executive Director, she also learned how to successfully interact with community partners and potential sponsors. Her time with Roxbury Main Streets has added to her interest in public policy. She would like to continue to get involved with public policy research in the future. 

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