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Co-op Spotlight: Rebecca Scheldrup

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Rebecca's time at Pine Street Inn (PSI) was marked by invaluable learnings and meaningful challenges with a diverse range of responsibilities.

“This specific experience has confirmed that my Criminal Justice and Human Services major is the correct academic and professional path for me.”

– Rebecca Scheldrup, Criminal Justice and Human Services

Co-op Term: Spring 2023
Position:  Workforce Development Administrative Assistant
Employer: Pine Street Inn

Her role involved a combination of daily, cyclical, and ad-hoc tasks, such as assisting with workshops focused on professionalism, digital literacy, and financial literacy, as well as tracking trainee attendance and coordinating with case managers to ensure eligibility.

One notable aspect of her job was working closely with trainees to help them build resumes, apply for jobs, and boost their self-confidence. An inspiring story emerged from her work with one trainee who, with her guidance, gained the confidence to secure a job in her desired field.

Rebecca’s co-op experience also underscored the significance of her academic background in criminal justice and human services. She encountered trainees with criminal records that disqualified them from various employment opportunities, shedding light on the far-reaching effects of such records on individuals’ lives and self-worth.

Throughout her co-op, Rebecca developed a set of valuable skills, including utilizing a trauma-informed care approach, proficiency in Microsoft Outlook and Excel, time management, and enhancing her interpersonal skills. She joined PSI during the challenging period of the COVID-19 pandemic, where despite the hurdles, the organization continued to operate and serve the homeless population diligently.

Rebecca’s message to future co-op participants is to actively engage with trainees, attend seminars, and not hesitate to seek clarification or ask questions, as these interactions lead to significant personal and professional growth. Additionally, she emphasizes PSI’s overarching mission to combat homelessness through housing, workforce development, and emergency services.

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