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Co-op Spotlight: Sevi Yorke

Kingsley Montessori

Through Kingsley Montessori’s hands-on teaching style, Sevi was reaffirmed that being in the classroom was her calling.

“They (the students) managed to steal my heart during the short time I have been at my Co-op, their mannerisms, voice, and overall energy they bring into an environment really make you love what you are doing.”

– Sevi Yorke, Human Services and Political Science

Co-op Term: Spring 2023
Position:  Auxiliary Programs Teaching Assistant
Employer: Kingsley Montessori School

At Kingsley Montessori, Sevi was able to learn how to work in a classroom setting working with kids and how to deal with uncertainty and stress. She had to hone her teaching skills by giving independence to her students and not hovering because Montessori is all based on the child’s need. Sevi stated that she felt her role was meaningful as she came to love the community she was working in, and she eventually grew to love the kids she was teaching. Despite the stress and hard work Sevi emphasized that she wanted to come back every day.  

Sevi was primarily stationed in the early childhood education building which teaches children ages 3-6.  During the school day she acted as an extra set of hands in the classroom for varying reasons, to either help facilitate lunch, keeping the children entertained and on track with their work, or even act as a one on one aid with a student who may need the extra attention. At the end of the school day she led an Enrichment Snack from 2:45pm-3:15pm. From 3:15-5:30 she was one of three teachers who helped lead after school programs including art programs and play-time. Children were allowed to both play in calmer settings, in the indoor jungle gym and in the outdoor courtyard. 

Sevi also explained that through her co-op she was able to discover the inequalities that existed within the Boston education system.  Kingsley is a private school with a tuition ranging between $30,000-$41,000 per year reflecting the privilege that comes with being able to attend Kingsley Montessori. Montessori style teaching yields positive results, but Sevi explains that because public education is rigid, inflexible and lacks funding they are unable to apply Montessori styles of teaching. 

Overall Sevi thoroughly enjoyed this co-op experience and allowed her to change her outlook on life. She is still uncertain about what she wants to do after graduation but she is sure that teaching is her calling.

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