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Myra Kraft Open Classroom

People in this story

A longstanding tradition in the School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs, the Myra Kraft Open Classroom is a semester-long seminar series for the Northeastern community and the general public. The series seeks to invite diverse audiences to converge around a central theme and generate conversation about current topics relevant to our local and national communities.

Collaborators and Funders

  • Amilcar Barreto, Professor and Chair of Cultures, Societies, and Global Studies; Professor and Interim Director of International Affairs; Professor of Political Science
  • Ángel Nieves, Professor of Africana Studies, History, and Digital Humanities; Director of Public Humanities
  • Claudia Capria, Graduate Student
  • Haley D’amico, Graduate Student
  • Jack Mcdevitt, Professor of the Practice in Criminology and Criminal Justice; Director, Institute on Race and Justice
  • Kabria Baumgartner, Dean’s Associate Professor of History and Africana Studies
  • Kim Lucas, Professor of the Practice in Public Policy and Economic Justice  (January 2022)
  • Lily Song, Assistant Professor of Race, Social Justice, and the Built Environment
  • Matt Lee, Teaching Professor of Human Services
  • Philip Thai, Associate Professor of History and Asian Studies; Director, Asian Studies
  • Rebecca Riccio, Director, Social Impact Lab; Lecturer of Human Services
  • Regine Jean-Charles, Dean’s Professor of Culture and Social Justice; Professor of Africana Studies and Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies; Director, Africana Studies
  • Richard O’Bryant, Director, John D. O’Bryant African American Institute; Research Associate, Dukakis Center for Urban and Regional Policy
  • Samantha Canica, Graduate Student
  • Tiffany Joseph, Associate Professor of Sociology and International Affairs; Graduate Program Director, Sociology
  • Diedra Wrighting, Executive Director, ADVANCE Office of Faculty Development
  • Karl Reid, Senior Vice Provost and Chief Inclusion Officer
  • Margaret Burnham, Distinguished Professor of Law
  • Meredith Clark, Associate Professor and Founding Director of the Center for Communication, Media Innovation and Social Change
  • Michelle LaBoy, Assistant Professor of Architecture

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