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The Water Equity Team (WET) Lab that examines problems related to water resources from different environmental and social justice perspectives.


Because low-income communities and communities of color have historically endured the greatest exposure to environmental hazards associated with polluted waterways, unsafe drinking water, severe flood risk, and restricted access to recreational water amenities, WET Lab studies how decisions by water management agencies affect water inequities in 8 major US cities; the public health consequences of water unaffordability; management and resilience to flood hazards; and associations between access to water-based recreational amenities and teenagers’ emotional health.


Lead by SSEHRI Core Faculty: Sharon Harlan and Laura Senier

  • Steven Scyphers, Prof. of Marine and Environmental Sciences, Northeastern University
  • Mariana Sarango, Postdoc, Northeastern University
  • Katie Castagno, Postdoc, Northeastern University
  • Kiera O’Donnell, Graduate Student, Northeastern University
  • Kelsi Furman, Graduate Student, Northeastern University
  • Stephanie Clark-Reyna, PhD Student, Northeastern University
  • Savannah Swinea PhD Student, Northeastern University
  • Daniel Alford

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