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Carmella Uwineza

PhD in Public Policy

Carmella is a PhD student in Public Policy at the School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs, with a concentration in Sustainability and Resilience. She holds a BA in International Development Studies and Political Science from McGill University, and an MA in Sustainable Energy from Carleton University. Her time in these programs prompted her to engage with research on the socio-economic and political characteristics of energy systems, such as transitions for oil sands, energy democracy, Indigenous energy leadership, and energy poverty.

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Carmella’s research interests include:

  • The role and impact of civil society actors in advancing just transitions;
  • How civil society is experiencing risk and/or opportunities during this shift to renewable energy development; and
  • How international climate finance can benefit sub-Saharan African countries, particularly those in East Africa, and lead to the successful implementation of energy/climate policies.

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