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Emily Hall

Master of Public Administration

Graduated in 2018

I graduated with my undergrad in Public Administration with a minor in NonProfit Management from the University of Central Florida in May of 2015. I began a career in nonprofit before graduation because I was passionate about the mission. I began the all online MPA program at Northeastern in the fall of 2016, to make the transition into the public sector where I always intended to have a career. By fall of 2017 I was taking a few in person classes to mix with the online program to meet some faculty and students in person when my schedule allowed for it. I graduated in May of 2018 and began my public service career in Brockton in March of 2018 managing federal grants for the Brockton Redevelopment Authority. I am also the director of a new community, cultural, non-profit bier-garden in downtown Brockton on the side.  

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