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Kelsey Dumville

Master of Public Administration

Graduated in 2015

As a 2010 Northeastern graduate, deciding to come back to NU for the MPA program was an exciting time. I completed two of my COOP’s at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and was brought on full-time after graduation. With a few years’ experience, including significant time connecting with municipal governments throughout New England, the MPA program was an ideal fit. I attended the program at night for three years, allowing me to apply my studies to my daily work and to focus my course work around issues that advanced my skillset.

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In my 11 years at the EPA, I have worked as a press officer and liaison to the federal Congressional delegation in MA and NH. Today, I am the team leader for Community Involvement at the EPA’s Boston office. Our work focuses on working with local community groups, residents, state and federal partners, and municipal officials to educate the public on EPA’s work. I believe that change happens at the local level and feel lucky to be able to work to expand knowledge of environmental issues in communities throughout New England. I live in Exeter, NH with my husband and two-year-old son.

Areas of Expertise: Internships/Co-op, environment/sustainability, and community engagement

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