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Lautaro Cantar

Urban Informatics, MS

Graduated 2018

Lautaro Cantar holds a bachelor’s degree in economics. After graduation, he worked for two and a half years as a financial analyst for a multinational consulting firm. “I didn’t want to be the usual economist: banks, the trade market, analyzing multiple indicators designed by someone else,” he explained. “I wanted to do something different.” That’s when he discovered data science. When he was awarded the Argentine Presidential Fellowship in Science and Technology to pursue a degree in data science, he knew that the ideal program for him would be one at the crossroads of technology, public policy, and design. The Master of Science in Urban Informatics met that ideal. “The program consists of a perfect blend of computer and programming skills, urban studies, visualization, and mapping tools.”

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Lautaro’s Path

I would like to thank all the faculty and staff of CSSH for being kind, helpful, and patient with me in my two years there. Being away from home for such a long time is not always easy, but the staff made sure that the third floor became a very special place for me, an extension of my house. I also would like to thank Prof. Dan O’Brien and all the folks at BARI for the amazing time. They all were a fundamental part to make my experience at Northeastern and Boston unforgettable.

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