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Yutong Si

PhD in Public Policy

Yutong Si is a PhD candidate in the School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs, with a concentration in Sustainability and Resilience. Her research expertise centers on the topics of energy justice, climate communication, social media, computational methods, and social network analysis. Her sole-authored and coauthored publications appear in Energy Research & Social Science, Energy Strategy Reviews, Climatic Change, Frontiers in Sustainable Cities, and Journal of Chinese Governance. Yutong’s primary research agenda focuses on analyzing social media data to uncover the influence of organizational entities – ranging from advocacy groups to corporations and universities – on discourses surrounding climate change and energy transitions. Her ongoing dissertation project examines how advocacy groups support or oppose fossil fuels to advance their policy agendas. She is also interested in applying policy process theories to examine energy justice programs which aim to benefit marginalized and disadvantaged populations.  In support of her work, she holds a Fall 2022 Experiential Fellowship from Northeastern’s College of Social Sciences and Humanities. Her work is also partially funded by Northeastern University’s Transforming Interdisciplinary Experiential Research (TIER) 1 Seed Grant and a grant from Brown University’s Climate Social Science Network (CSSN). Yutong can be reached at:

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