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Alisa Lincoln on Why You’re Having a Hard Time, Even If You Aren’t Sick

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07/20/17 - BOSTON, MA. - Alisa Lincoln, Professor of Health Sciences and Sociology; Director, Institute of Urban Health Research and Practice, posses for a portrait at Northeastern University on July 20, 2017. Photo by Matthew Modoono/Northeastern University

Alisa Lincoln, a professor of Sociology and a member of the WGSS executive committee was quoted in an article in the Northeastern News entitled “Why am I Having Such a Hard Time When I’m Not Sick with the Virus?”. In the article Professor Lincoln discusses why people might be feeling particularly stressed or anxious in this time even when they are not ill from the virus directly. She offers insight into what one might be feeling as well as suggestions for how to combat this and deal with this situation in the healthiest way possible.

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