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WGSS core and affiliated faculty represent a wide range of departments and colleges within the university, and their scholarship engages a rich and diverse array of scholarly pursuits that cut across disciplines and intersect with many different fields. Many of our faculty are committed to the work of being “public intellectuals” and are therefore involved in a variety of projects that reach out to non-academic and activist audiences, including writing for the popular press.

Editor-in-Chief Suzanna Walters and Chair of the Board of Associate Editors Carla Kaplan pioneered an open-access component of the journal, the Feminist Public Intellectuals Project as part of their dedication to making academic work in feminism more accessible to the public at large.

Our faculty are particularly acclaimed in the following areas:

  • feminist cultural and media studies
  • transnational/global gender studies
  • queer theory and politics
  • feminist literary theory and history
  • intersectionality
  • feminist/queer legal studies and reproductive rights law
  • feminist political philosophy
  • women’s social movements both nationally and transnationally
  • digital humanities and social media
  • feminist activism
  • gender, race, and medicine

And our visiting and post-doctoral scholars both expand upon our existing strengths and bring unique perspectives to the Northeastern feminist community.