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Students in WGSS courses have the chance to create digital content as part of their coursework, including ‘zines as part of the Intro to WGSS course, podcasts as part of the Gender, Race, and Medicine and Digital Feminisms courses, and blogs as independent research projects.

Since Fall of 2014, many Intro to Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies class have produced a ‘zine as a final class project. Students are responsible for content and design elements and work in teams to achieve the final product together under the supervision of their instructor. This project was started by Assistant Professor of WGSS and Cultures, Societies, and Global Studies, Moya Bailey, when she joined the WGSS team in 2014 as the Dean’s Scholar and Postdoctoral Fellow in WGSS and Digital Humanities. Professor Bailey has also had her classes in Gender, Race, and Medicine and Digital Feminisms create podcasts as final projects, which can be found on this page as well.

Intro to WGSS ‘Zines

Below are links to the ‘zines that Intro to WGSS students have produced since Fall 2014.

Sexpectations (Spring 2018)

The cover of “SEXPECTATIONS”, the Spring 2018 Intro to WGSS ‘zine.

Nevertheless (Spring 2017)

The cover of “NEVERTHELESS”, the Spring 2017 Intro to WGSS ‘zine.

InterseXions (Fall 2016)

The cover of InterseXions, the Fall 2016 ‘zine.

Huntington Crossroads (Fall 2015)

The cover of “Huntington Crossroads”, the Fall 2015 Intro ‘zine.

Feminists United at Northeastern University
 (Fall 2014)

The cover of Feminists United @ Northeastern University (FU @ NU), the Spring 2014 Intro to WGSS ‘zine.

Podcasts and other media

Students in Gender, Race, and Medicine and Digital Feminisms created podcasts on speciality topics in their areas of study during the Fall of 2017. You can listen to them here:

Gender, Race, and Medicine

Digital Feminisms 

Co-Op & Directed Study Independent Research Projects

Ginny and Luna Deserve Better: Femslash in Harry Potter Fanfiction
In Spring of 2021, Emma Reed undertook an independent study in WGSS and fan studies under the direction of Northeastern University PhD candidate Cara Marta Messina. The final project culminated in a webtext essay that pairs data analysis with feminist theory and fan studies, using Harry Potter as a case study. Read Emma’s essay above. (Spoilers for the Harry Potter series will be found in this essay!)

Connections: Art in the Age of Covid
Spring/Summer 1 2021 Co-Op Kaitlin Kerr created a digital, interactive gallery of feminist art as an independent research project during her time with the WGSS program. Check out a presentation and discussion that shows some paths through the gallery at the link above!

Exposing the Gender Binary
Summer 2/Fall 2020 WGSS & Signs co-op Sofia Ciprian created a website delving into the gender binary and its depictions across various forms of media, including film, TV, and sport. The website is an archive of some of these clips, in categories like: Heteronormativity, What’s Wrong with the Binary?, Gender Roles, Policing the Body, and Gender Verification in Sports.

The Hysterical Female Project
Spring 2020 WGSS & Signs co-op Kayleigh Birney created a blog about the history of the term “hysterical” to describe women and its implications in today’s healthcare system, where women are often not believed about their pain or are misdiagnosed or treated incorrectly.