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Below is a sampling of current offerings at Northeastern that relate to or revolve around Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. For a full list of the club offerings, click here.

The Feminist Student Organization
The Feminist Student Organization (FSO) is designed to encourage the empowerment of women and the LGBTQ community on campus. We strive to create an equitable and positive university environment for all students by creating awareness of women’s, gender and sexuality issues through various activities.

The Women's March in Washington, DC in January 2017. Image shows hundreds of protesters in front of the Capitol holding signs reading, "Still We Rise", "Pussy Power", and "Gracias Hillary Thank You."

The Women’s March in Washington, DC, January 2017. The Feminist Student Organization attended with a large group of students.

Big Sister Boston
Big Sister Association of Greater Boston ignites girls’ passion and power to succeed through positive mentoring relationships with women and enrichment programs that support girls’ healthy development. Big Sister Boston Collegiate Chapter empowers students to become leaders at their colleges and universities facilitating on-campus engagement opportunities, planning fundraising and recruitment events, and by discussing content that relates to women and girls’ interests.

Big Sister of Greater Boston pamphlet advertising"Become a Big Sister Today" over a flyer for Big Sister Boston Northeastern. Hershey's miniature candies are also pictured over the flyer advertising the Northeastern program.

Big Sister Boston Northeastern tabling at a campus fair.

Girls’ LEAP (Lifetime Empowerment & Awareness Program)
Girls’ LEAP (Lifetime Empowerment & Awareness Program) is a safety and self-defense skills program which combines both Physical Self-Defense Skills and Reflective Skills. We teach girls, ages 8-18, in the Greater Boston area, by partnering with local organizations and agencies. Girls’ LEAP programs are taught by teams of adult women, college-aged women and teens. All programs occur in partnership with a community based organizations throughout Greater Boston. Learn more about the program here.

A young black child stands in front of a blue background wearing a white t-shirt reading Girls' LEAP: Safety. Self-Defense. Courage. To her right, black text reads "an empowered girl STARTS WITH YOU."

Northeastern University American Medical Women’s Association
The American Medical Women’s Association is an organization which functions at the local, national, and international level to advance women in medicine and improve women’s health.

Northeastern University Science Club for Girls
Our mission is to increase the self confidence and science literacy of K-12th grade girls belonging to groups that are underrepresented in the sciences, through free, after school programs that provide experiential learning, mentorship, and leadership opportunities.

Northeastern University Women in Technology
A special interest group that supports women who study or are interested in Computer and Information Science at Northeastern University.

NU Pride
NU Pride is an community and safe space for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Asexual, and others (LGBTQA+) on the Northeastern Campus. Events are geared towards education and connection between members of the spectrum of sexual and gender orientation expression. This alliance empowers all members of the LGBTQA+ community and their allies to thrive as individuals and to meet other students within the community.

A large group of diverse students from the NUPride group at the Pride Parade in Boston in 2017. They stand together in a group behind a white banner with black text that reads NORTHEASTERN over a black hand shaking a white hand, both outlined in rainbow colors. Under the hands, text reads "STRONGER TOGETHER 2017".

NUPride at Boston Pride 2017

NU SHARE (Sexual Health, Advocacy, Resources, and Education)
NU SHARE is a Planned Parenthood affiliated student organization that advocates for and educates about reproductive and sexual health. SHARE discusses and organizes around many topics including HIV/STI prevention and testing, birth control options and access, sexual assault awareness, sexuality and gender identity, and comprehensive pregnancy options.

A student tables for NU SHARE at a campus fair, behind a table covered in materials and in front of a sign that reads "FREE CONFIDENTIAL STI TESTS".

A student tables for NU SHARE at a campus activities fair

Peer Health Exchange
Peer Health Exchange gives teenagers the knowledge and skills they need to make healthy decisions. We do this by training college students to teach a comprehensive health curriculum in public high schools that lack health education. Our vision is that, one day, all teens will have the knowledge and skills they need to make healthy decisions. Peer Health Exchange is a national non-profit organization that has offices in six different cities, including Boston, New York City, Washington D.C., Chicago, San Francisco Bay Area, and Los Angeles. Currently, Peer Health Exchange has twenty four college sites that it works with to recruit, select, and train college students to become health educators. In Boston, Peer Health Exchange is located at Boston University, Tufts University, and Harvard University along with our chapter at Northeastern University.

A group of 12 Peer Health Exchange members stand in front of a window in two rows. They are smiling and many are wearing Peer Health Exchange T-shirts.

Peer Health Exchange members

Progressive Student Alliance
The Progressive Student Alliance is a group dedicated to promoting social justice at Northeastern University and its surrounding community. Through education and direct action we strive to bring about sustainable and fair change.

The Progressive Student Alliance at a Workers' Rights demonstration, posing with workers and signs that read "Student-Worker Solidarity" and "Students + Workers Fight Back."They are smiling and many have fists raised in solidarity.

The Progressive Student Alliance and workers together after a demonstration

The Queer Caucus (email inquiries)
The Northeastern University School of Law Queer Caucus (QC) is a student-run organization dedicated to supporting lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, gender non-conforming, non-binary, asexual, genderqueer, intersex, pansexual, and questioning students, staff, and faculty at NUSL while mobilizing around issues of injustice and oppression. Queer Caucus seeks to maintain Northeastern University’s position as the “queerest law school in the nation.”

Sexual Assault Response Coalition
A student group dedicated to bringing better, survivor-centered resources to campus to ensure the complete safety and health of all Northeastern students. SARC seeks to make Northeastern University a safer space for survivors of sexual assault and intimate partner violence by defending and advocating for their rights.

Society of Women Engineers
Mission: “The Society of Women Engineers stimulates women to achieve full potential in careers as engineers and leaders, expands the image of the engineering profession as a positive force in the quality of life, and demonstrates the value of diversity.”

Strong Women, Strong Girls
Strong Women Strong Girls at Northeastern University is a group of college women committed to supporting positive social change by working to create cycles of mutual empowerment for girls and women. Through mentoring relationships and after-school programs, we hope to build leadership skills and self-confidence in young girls. SWSG strives to support the professional and personal growth of our college women.

The Strong Women Strong Girls Northeastern logo

The Women’s Law Caucus (email inquiries)
The Women’s Law Caucus (WLC) is a group at NUSL focused on creating a support system that empowers women in the legal profession. Men are also encouraged to join this group and are welcome at our meetings, events and discussions.