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Aziza Ahmed on Supreme Court’s Abortion Rights Decision

Photo by The Atlantic

Professor Aziza Ahmed (School of Law), member of the WGSS Executive Committee, is quoted in an article in The Atlantic about the Supreme Court’s most recent abortion rights opinion, which upheld the 2016 opinion in Whole Women’s Health vs. Hellerstedt. This was the first decision on abortion rights handed down since the two Trump-appointed justices have joined the bench, so much was at stake. Chief Justice John Roberts joined the liberal-leaning justices in upholding the 2016 opinion on the basis of the precedent the court set in 2016, although at that time he dissented from the majority.

“We should celebrate because it’s also a sign that there’s something going on. We can’t just assume that because we have a conservative majority, the right will always win.”

Aziza Ahmed

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