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[GCWS Event] Feminisms Unbound – Global Protests

Flyer for Unbound Feminisms Event.
Flyer for Unbound Feminisms Event.

GCWS has featured the Feminisms Unbound series for more than five years. This series is extremely popular with students, faculty, and the greater Boston feminist academic and activist communities. Feminisms Unbound, organized by GCWS affiliated faculty, features debates which focus on feminist concerns, theories, and practices in this contemporary moment. The goal of Feminisms Unbound is to foster conversations and community among Boston-area feminist intellectuals and activists. The series, in its open configuration, endeavors to allow the greatest measure of engagement across multiple disciplinary trajectories, and a full array of feminist investments. Feminisms Unbound is curated by a team of three faculty members who represent a number of institutions and disciplines.

Global Protests
February 18, 2021 at 6:30-8:30PM

More Info, Register Here.

Unprecedented levels of global hardship and suffering in 2020 have been accompanied by stunning eruptions of people gathering on the streets and in public venues protesting systemic oppressions. From authoritarian regimes to white supremacy, police brutality to military occupation, caste discrimination to gendered and sexualized violence, economic inequality to policy failures, labor exploitation to health disparities, voluminous and vociferous crowds have peppered our visual landscape and living experience of the pandemic and illuminated the increasing urgency to co-imagine a different future. From Australia to Hong Kong, USA to UK, Brazil to Bangladesh people are marching – masked, undeterred and resistant- demanding attention and justice with bold messages like “Silence is Violence”, “I Can’t Breathe”, and “No Justice No Peace.” These messages and movements lay bare the asymmetries of privilege and oppression, the unevenness of growth and wellbeing, and simultaneously encourage a social transformation that takes seriously interdependencies of life, humanity, and ecology.  We invite panelists to think through the lessons of their areas of research and expertise and to shed light on how they are thinking about the paradoxes and power of protests.

Roundtable participants include:

  • Ather Zia, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, University of Colorado Boulder
  • Ghassan Moussawi, Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Illinois
  • Marcella Fuentes, Associate Professor of Performance Studies, Northwestern University
  • Maria John, Assistant Professor of Native American History and Director of Native American and Indigenous Studies, UMass Boston
  • Nusrat Chowdury, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Amherst College

Moderated by: Elora Chowdhury, Professor of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and Chair of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, UMass Boston

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