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[GCWS] February 16 – “Feminisms Unbound: Erotic Methods”

Feminisms Unbound – Erotic Methods
February 16 2022 at 6:30pm
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*This event is hosted by the Consortium for Graduate Studies in Gender, Culture, Women, and Sexuality (GCWS).* This roundtable is interested in the ways that sex, intimacy, and erotics are not only objects of study but also methods and methodologies for feminist, queer, and transgender studies. Queer ethnography has offered an extended engagement with the value of intimacy and desire in the field, and Black feminist theory has developed erotics as a means of thinking the political, sacred, and sexual together. In critical race and colonialism studies, intimacy has been used to describe the proximities and frictions that result from geopolitical rearrangements of power and capital. In queer and trans studies, BDSM, dungeons, public sex, erotic vomiting, and other dissident acts are crucial venues for re-organizing hegemonic formations of gender, class, and race, dragging colonial histories to the present, and inventing sexual futures. These are but some of the ways that sex, intimacy, and erotics open up new ways of thinking across disciplines.

We invite panelists to consider how sex, erotics, and intimacy operate in their research, pedagogy, art-making, and activism. 


  • Asli Zengin, Rutgers University
  • Jallicia Jolly, Amherst College
  • Jorge Sánchez Cruz, Harvard
  • Rajiv Mohabir, Emerson College

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