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March 31- This is Treatment

Studio Theatre
March 31st- April 10th
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This is Treatment is a musical inspired by writer and co-director Elizabeth Addison’s time at a residential treatment facility for substance use disorder. The story specifically speaks to the experience of Black and Latinx women (of all hues) with substance use disorder and the process of their treatment and recovery. The show is an immersive experience where the audience feels as if they are in treatment alongside the characters, and while the production explores many challenging subjects (trauma, substance addiction, gentrification, food insecurity, etc.), it also is full of joy and laughter. Through sharing this story, we seek to bridge gaps in understanding, encourage empathy, and create a safe space for us, as a community, to explore these challenging topics and find healing together.

Content Warning: This production includes adult and suggestive language and a depiction of a drug overdose as well as references to sexual assault, domestic violence, suicide, loss of a child, and substance use and abuse.

This Production will include various events directly following performances and audience members are encouraged to participate.

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