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Mifepristone court cases test how far FDA rules go

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Many court cases regarding abortion pill access raise the question of whether state laws that impact the availability of an FDA-approved medication but “don’t directly address FDA determinations” are still preempted by federal law. Federal judges are now left to balance the authority that is granted to the FDA to regulate medications. There is an ongoing debate about how much FDA regulations should cover especially regarding a medication like Mifepristone.

Northeastern University Law professor and WGSS affiliated faculty member Wendy Parmet weighs in on the subject:

“The relationship between the FDA’s regulatory power and the state’s power to regulate the practice of medicine is a complicated one” and “the FDA’s involvement in mifepristone is much more complex than with most medications,”

Wendy Parmet affiliated WGSS faculty and a co-PI for the Reproductive Justice Research Collaborative.

Learn more about these cases by reading the full article here!

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