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Prof. Hillary Chute on Comics as Teaching Tools

The recent News@Northeastern article, “Why Comics and Graphic Novels are Effective Teaching Tools,” features the perspective of Professor Hillary Chute, distinguished professor of English and art+design and WGSS executive committee member. Much of Chute’s career has been influenced by “Maus,” a graphic novel telling the story of a Polish Jew surviving the Holocaust. Chute explains, “I read ‘Maus’ in a graduate seminar when I was getting my Ph.D. in English…Comics are about everything. In the case of ‘Maus’ I was so fascinated that there was this powerful story about the Holocaust, and so interested in the question of why this kind of story in this kind of form works so well.” Chute has written and edited several books related to comic books and graphic novels, including two centered on “Maus.” Additionally, she helped bring the Boston Kids Comic Fest to Northeastern’s Curry Student Center this year.

Read more about Prof. Chute’s work and the Boston Kids Comic Fest in the Northeastern Global News article here!
Photo credit: Northeastern Global News

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