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Prof. Jennie Stephens on the Need to Phase Out Fossil Fuels

Northeastern University’s London campus held a conference titled Fossil Fuel Phase Out and Climate Futures. Speakers included Jennie Stephens, Northeastern professor of Sustainability Science and Policy and WGSS executive committee member. Stephens explained to conference attendees that “The science is clear: fossil fuel production must be phased out to address the climate crisis. It’s an urgent policy priority… The people that are benefitting from the current system, they’re contributing the most to the climate crisis and they’re strategically resisting a transition away from fossil fuels, and they have been for decades.” Professor Stephens further asserted that the displacement of marginalized people due to the climate crisis is a form of violence that we must refuse to be complacent about.

Read more about the Fossil Fuel Phase Out and Climate Futures conference and Professor Stephens’ talk in the News@Northeastern article here!
Image credits: News@Northeastern

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